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     1'''Image file naming and frames settings'''
     3Usually MUI will add a unique frame to each object. The kind of frame MUI chooses depends on several things.
     5By default all certain objects get a standard frame which can be configured in the MUI preferences application, i.e. a button frame for buttons. However, this setting can be overridden by applications for single objects if the developer thinks that this is necessary.
     7Please note that for image buttons there exists a special feature which removes the frame chosen by MUI if the image comes with its own frame within the imagery and the file has a special name. For example if an image file is named "ArrowUp_framed.mim" instead of "ArrowUp.mim" MUI will set not set the standard image button frame for the created object as this would result in a double frame (one by MUI and the second by the image itself) which definitely is not intended. In this case MUI will trust the images to provide a proper frame and will not draw the frame defined for image buttons.