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The Magic User Interface (MUI) User Guide

This page is meant to serve as a starting point for all documentation regarding MUI. The guide is a free document, a collaborative effort, and a part of the MUI Project itself. If you want to help by translating the documentation, please contact our development team.


MUI is the abbreviation of Magic User Interface, an object-oriented BOOPSI-driven user interface framework for AmigaOS-based operating systems. It features a flexible user interface where end-users can define the Look&Feel of applications using MUI in high detail. Beside this end-user flexibility MUI comes with a wide variety of so-called Custom Classes which developers using MUI can use in their applications and which provide additional functionality (e.g. such as a full-fledged text editor). This third-party custom class functionality as well as the high user flexibility in defining the Look&Feel of a MUI applications makes MUI the most advanced user interface framework for AmigaOS computer systems today.

User Guide

  • TBD

Developer Guide

  • API? — Autodoc converted API reference

Support and Other Sources of Information

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  • Bug Report – For reporting problems and requesting new features.