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#112 did not install bug normal 3.9-2015R1 Installer script
#116 MUI 3.9 unstable (due to bubble help?!?) Thore Böckelmann bug normal 3.9-2015R1 muimaster.library
#124 Menu Icons enhancement normal 3.9-2015R1 Menu.mui
#242 Strange width behaviour changes between MUI 20.6421 & MUI 20.6445 bug normal 4.0-2015R3 Register.mui
#361 Odyssey doesn't work with latest nightly Thore Böckelmann bug normal 5.0-2017R4 List.mui
#401 Crash when closing tab (Odyssey) bug normal 5.0-2020R2 undefined
#413 Enhance Button/Input field combination to continous press enhancement normal 5.0-2019R3 Area.mui
#419 Is there a version that will support 16 bit colours on AmigaOS 3.x bug normal 5.0-2019R4 undefined
#70 Timeline bug undecided undefined
#305 Wrong colors of menus caused by Odyssey bug undecided 5.0-2018R1 undefined
#332 MUI5 and Apdf bug undecided 5.0-2017R2 undefined
#406 SysMon crash at exit Thore Böckelmann bug undecided 5.0-2019R3 muimaster.library
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