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#46 Demos - Slideorama bug normal 3.9-2014R2 demos
#47 Demos - VirtualGroup bug normal 3.9-2014R2 demos
#50 MUI 3.9 Nightly builds enhancement normal 3.9-2014R2 undefined
#51 TextView -> MUIPrefs hits bug normal 3.9-2014R2 foreign class
#54 Basic 4c mode bug normal 3.9-2014R2 undefined
#56 VirtualGroup button enhancement normal 3.9-2014R2 Scrollgroup.mui
#61 MUI Legacy software support enhancement normal 3.9-2014R2 muimaster.library
#64 XEN Button Style bug normal 3.9-2014R2 Area.mui
#65 XD resolutions enhancement enhancement normal 3.9-2014R2 Area.mui
#69 Min window dimensions bug normal 3.9-2014R2 Window.mui
#74 Screen Prefs: Menu opened in a wrong place bug normal 4.0-2014R4 Pubscreenlist.mui
#100 TWEAKS - shifted selected state for button frames enhancement normal Area.mui
#127 Image prefs MUI4 enhancement normal 4.0-2015R1 Imagebrowser.mui
#141 Change the default type of quick helps enhancement normal 4.0-2015R1 muimaster.library
#143 Translation - TrueType bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Fontpanel.mui
#147 Translation - Change Frame & Background bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Popfrimage.mui
#153 Can't scroll the main area of MUI (with the keyboard) bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Settingsgroup.mui
#161 NListree bug normal foreign class
#186 Alpha channel problems with OS3 bug normal 4.0-2015R2 muimaster.library
#202 Possibility for an Application/Objects to not use pictures global cache enhancement normal 4.0-2015R2 Imagespace.mui
#212 Invisible window size pointer bug normal 4.0-2015R2 muimaster.library
#226 MagicASL stack bug normal 4.0-2015R3 Application.mui
#303 MUI Borderless windows enhancement normal 4.0-2016R2 Window.mui
#330 Add shortcuts in main buttons of MUI prefs enhancement normal 5.0-2018R3 translation
#383 Renaming of clock demo enhancement normal 5.0-2018R2 undefined
#405 Add iconify option in MUI Prefs menu enhancement normal 5.0-2019R1 MUI prefs application
#407 IBrowse navigation buttons bug normal 5.0-2019R2 undefined
#421 Changing name of the Clock demo enhancement normal 5.0-2020R1 demos
#435 Add a "Quit" option in popup menu enhancement normal 5.0-2020R1 Window.mui
#437 PachASL Problem OS3 RTG bug normal 5.0-2020R1 Dirlist.mui
#439 Implementing non blocking menus enhancement normal 5.0-2020R1 Menu.mui
#59 Mailtext.mcp bug low 3.9-2014R2 foreign class
#331 Latest Nightly Build of MUI 4.0 for 68k task low 4.0-2016R2 build environment
#67 Automatic CPU support enhancement undecided undefined
#68 External frame class support enhancement undecided undefined
#211 Prefs/String enhancement undecided undefined
#237 MUI4 Light enhancement undecided 4.0-2015R3 undefined
#454 Integrate MCC_ToolBar class in MUI5 enhancement undecided 5.0-2020R2 undefined
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