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#8 Flickering effects on Title.mui (tab hovering) enhancement normal 4.0-2014R3 Title.mui
#9 Non functional labels in "About MUI" window bug normal 4.0-2014R3 Aboutmui.mui
#12 bad rendering of any iconified mui app to amidock when compositing disabled bug normal 4.0-2014R3 Application.mui
#20 Crash in MUIP_CreateDragImage() when drag some data in odyssey bug normal 4.0-2014R3 foreign application
#32 ListView.Hide enhancement normal Listview.mui
#43 Problems with older version of YAM using MUI4 bug normal 4.0-2014R4 foreign application
#53 GLArea bug normal 3.9-2014R2 foreign class
#76 Pattern fill (tint/hue settings) for OS3 enhancement normal 3.9-2014R2 muimaster.library
#78 MUI39 bug normal 3.9-2014R2 build environment
#85 PSI bug normal 3.9-2014R3 undefined
#86 Beta Message for R2 bug normal 3.9-2014R3 undefined
#90 Catalogs missed in MUI4 nightly build (r3956) bug normal build environment
#98 Gradient fill bug normal 3.9-2014R3 Gauge.mui
#102 Scroller buttons enhancement normal 4.0-2014R5 Image.mui
#106 Example tabs don't work under Groups menu bug normal 4.0-2014R5 Settingsgroup.mui
#107 Better centered text on OWB (text and text labels) enhancement normal 4.0-2014R5 foreign application
#108 Mouse wheel in OWB side panels enhancement normal 4.0-2014R5 List.mui
#109 OWB Proxy Server bug in username field bug normal 4.0-2015R1 foreign application
#122 Reboot when using WOSPrefs and Trident bug normal 3.9-2015R1 muimaster.library
#132 ListTree Nodes missing graphics Thore Böckelmann bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Listtree.mcc
#135 Embedded menus are not shown correctly initially bug normal Window.mui
#142 Favicons displaying in Odyssey bug normal 4.0-2015R1 List.mui
#148 Busy.ncc bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Busy.mcc
#149 Font settings not working bug normal 4.0-2015R1 Fontpanel.mui
#150 CPU load limitation enhancement normal Imagespace.mui
#165 Busy.mcc speeds bug normal 4.0-2015R2 Busy.mcc
#177 Dopus5 + Odyssey = Freeze bug normal 4.0-2015R2 Window.mui
#185 External graphic frames under OS3 bug normal 4.0-2015R2 muimaster.library
#191 Support of .info/png pictures in MUIA_Menuitem_Image ? enhancement normal 4.0-2015R2 Menuitem.mui
#200 Picture file not unlocked at exit when used in a SimpleButton bug normal 4.0-2015R2 Text.mui
#203 Background pattern image cache enhancement normal 4.0-2015R2 Imagespace.mui
#210 Little glitch in the color background subwindow bug normal 4.0-2015R2 Filepanel.mui
#229 Type of pointers when dragging objects enhancement normal 4.0-2015R3 Title.mui
#231 muilocale.library V20+ not found in MUI4 with AfAOS bug normal 4.0-2015R3 MUI prefs application
#256 Latest MUI 20.6465 crashs YAM & Odyssey in String_Dispatcher() bug normal 4.0-2015R3 String.mui
#259 Gauge text bug normal 4.0-2015R3 Gauge.mui
#264 Implement MUIA_Group_Align enhancement normal 4.0-2015R4 Group.mui
#274 Select items improvement (opening/closing it) enhancement normal 4.0-2015R4 Popobject.mui
#276 Refresh glitches with simple refresh on OS3 Thore Böckelmann bug normal 4.0-2015R4 Area.mui
#277 Not all applications are commodities bug normal 4.0-2015R4 Application.mui
#278 MUIA_Window_Sleep cannot be set to TRUE for closed windows Thore Böckelmann bug normal 4.0-2015R4 Window.mui
#287 Icon graphics corruption on window resize bug normal 4.0-2016R1 foreign application
#290 Graphical elements stretched wrongly bug normal 4.0-2016R1 foreign application
#292 Icon for minimized applications using MUI enhancement normal 4.0-2016R1 Application.mui
#293 Horizontal Group Has Content Partially Hidden in MUI v4, Not MUI v3.8a bug normal 4.0-2016R1 Virtgroup.mui
#297 PopScreen & MagicASL Thore Böckelmann bug normal 4.0-2016R2 Popscreen.mui
#298 Tabs open on top of each other (ie. Odyssey) bug normal 4.0-2016R2 Title.mui
#299 DSI error when trying to load external MUI Classes in About requester bug normal 4.0-2016R2 Aboutpage.mui
#300 Dashed line around images bug normal 4.0-2016R2 Area.mui
#301 Crash in MUIP_DupText ? bug normal 4.0-2016R2 muimaster.library
#304 MUI Accept behaviour on defining empty value bug normal 4.0-2016R2 String.mui
#310 MUI_Gauge bug normal 4.0-2016R3 Gauge.mui
#313 distribution archive contains obsolete libraries bug normal 5.0-2016R2 Installer script
#334 missing rectangular area where mark can be set on default theme bug normal 5.0-2017R2 foreign application
#335 btree.library should not be removed enhancement normal 5.0-2017R2 Aboutpage.mui
#343 MUIA_Window_InputEvent doesn't work for ENTER bug normal 5.0-2017R2 Window.mui
#344 Cursor keys and ESC don't work when editing listview item and listview is in focus bug normal 5.0-2017R2 List.mui
#346 Odyssey: MUI crash with a Google Map bug normal 5.0-2017R2 foreign application
#348 MUIA_NoNotify only works if passed before MUIA_Slider_Max bug normal 5.0-2017R2 Numeric.mui
#353 Setting MUIA_String_Contents triggers MUIA_String_EditHook Thore Böckelmann bug normal 5.0-2017R3 String.mui
#369 r6168 nightly build muimaster_lib 3.6MB!!! bug normal 5.0-2018R1 muimaster.library
#378 AboutBox changes in r6280 bug normal 5.0-2018R2 Aboutbox.mcc
#389 Enhancement: Tab Group (horizontal) scrollbar limitations enhancement normal 5.0-2018R3 Scrollgroup.mui
#409 When window have more than 5 titlebar gadgets, it broke the title bar bug normal 5.0-2019R2 Winborder.mui
#410 Can't adjust both color wheel values for backgrounds bug normal 5.0-2019R2 Colorring.mui
#423 Possible bug in the HWPlayer GUI bug normal 5.0-2019R4 Floattext.mui
#433 Gadget colors changes when selecting their textarea bug normal 5.0-2020R1 Keyadjust.mui
#434 ISO 8859-1 characters not drawn correctly on OS4 bug normal 5.0-2020R1 Text.mui
#456 Formatting text issue in LayGroup bug normal 5.0-2020R2 LayGroup.mcc
#424 MUI r6521 list sliders show wrong bug low 5.0-2020R1 List.mui
#25 HTMLView 13.4 crash with MUI4 RC3 bug undecided foreign application
#40 Demos - NewStuff bug undecided undefined
#89 Useless libraries ? (about menu) bug undecided 4.0-2014R5 build environment
#95 Locale catalog (wrong charset id) bug undecided undefined
#159 Oversized windows for screen resolution enhancement undecided undefined
#160 Contribution packs enhancement undecided 4.0-2015R2 foreign class
#213 MUI Prefs main window resize by mcp's enhancement undecided undefined
#236 Clock on AGA bug undecided 4.0-2015R3 Clock.mcc
#249 Recoverable Alert bug undecided 4.0-2015R4 undefined
#260 MUIA_List_Active doesn't work during OM_NEW bug undecided 4.0-2015R3 List.mui
#318 Listview in MUI5 R2 bug undecided 5.0-2016R3 Listview.mui
#350 VPDF crashed at startup bug undecided 5.0-2018R1 undefined
#355 MUIA_Pressed doesn't trigger for Numericbutton bug undecided 5.0-2017R3 Numericbutton.mui
#357 5.0-2017R3 ? bug undecided 5.0-2017R3 undefined
#365 Depth gadget and download window of OWB bug undecided 5.0-2018R1 undefined
#381 Grafikfehler bug undecided 5.0-2018R2 undefined
#382 MUI version for 68k task undecided 5.0-2018R2 undefined
#399 Menu: Failed to create preferences class bug undecided 5.0-2018R4 Menu.mui
#400 Window menu gadget and elements enable on mouse click up enhancement undecided 5.0-2018R4 muimaster.library
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