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#431 fixed System freeze when dragging the address field in Odyssey 1.23 Gregor


System freeze when dragging accidentally the address field in Odyssey 1.23. This can happen when trying to copy and paste text from/to the address field. The problem is also present in Odyssey 1.23-R5 beta01, 02, 03 and 04.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the leftmost end of the address field in Odyssey, so that the pointer still stays as a text pointer (vertical bar).
  2. Press the left mouse button and keep it down.
  3. Move the mouse toward right, until the pointer freezes.

Freeze is 100% reproducible in my system.

Expected results

Dragging the address field should not even be possible.

Actual results

The address field is dragged, after which the system freezes (mouse/keyboard do not react any more).


Hardware reset is needed.


Tested in AmigaOne X5000/20 with AmigaOS 4.1 Prerelease (resail version, no beta), max RAM amount.

#430 fixed Add the possibility of keyboard driven copy and paste to string gadgets Hubert Maier


In any of the text input fields (string gadgets?) it's possible to move the cursor around the text. i.e. LSHIFT+Cursor right/left - will jump to the end/beginning of the text LCTRL+Cursor right/left - will jump to the beginning of the next/previous word

But it's not possible to mark the text with a keyboard.


I'm missing the combination of the two above. If i press LSHIFT+LCTRL+Cursor right/left nothing happens. It should mark the whole sentence, so one would be able to copy and paste stuff.

Easy test is "MUI Preferences/Text". Type "Example Test Test" in the input field and play around with keyboard commands. One can't mark text with the keyboard.

NB: It does work in "text editor" fields and it also works when doublicking text (or marking text manually) with the mouse.

Enhancement recommendation

Please, if possible, add the combination of the two and open up the possibility to mark text from input string fields. It would make working with keyboards so much easier.

Thanks a lot

#428 fixed Odyssey's tab switching sometime cause crash Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin

While working on some updates for the odyssey, find out that it often may crash when I switch fast-fast between tabs, while they are busy-loading something.

It is not 100% reproducible report, but its enough to open 3 tabs, and in all of them start to load some heavy shit (so to make them busy), and then do fast switch between (at least trying to do).

In most case soon or later it will crash with point out on muimaster.library / groupdispatcher().

I attach the crash log, but probably that one will be not enough, and muimaster.library debug must be used. So can do so if you think it is worth to investigate and what params of muimaster to trace


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