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#24 fixed MUI prfs Images doesn't show popup menu with available images Thore Böckelmann jabierdlr@…


MUI prefs IMAGES option/group when I click on 'Used Images' it doesn't pop-up a menu with all available images for such image.

Steps to reproduce

1.Start MUI prefs, go to IMAGES gruoup 2.Click on an 'Used Image' and no pop-up menu with available images

Expected results

A pop-up menu with available images for such image.

Actual results

No pop-up menu is shown.



#25 invalid HTMLView 13.4 crash with MUI4 RC3 Samir Hawamdeh

The HTMLView 13.4 MUI class will crash when you open it from the MUI4 preferences, this issue happen on MUI4 RC3 but not in the previews version

To preproduce it just open your MUI4 prefs and then select the HTMLView class

#26 fixed Arrows doesn't work in Odyssey tabs area Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


Open a certain number of tabs in Odyssey Web Browser until you have the 2 arrows showed (one at the left and one at the right side) as showed in this grab attached

Now try to navigate between them only using the arrows. Sometimes clicking on them doesn't work at all, so the only method to navigate between them are:

1 - Clicking manually on the specific tab you want to show 2 - Using the RMB on the (right) arrow and then select manually the specific tab you want to show

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open some blank tabs
  2. Click on the left (or the right) arrow and verify if you can navigate between them

Expected results

You should be able to navigate between them

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