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#435 wontfix Add a "Quit" option in popup menu Samir Hawamdeh


In popup menu there are various usefull options such go to screen, about etc … but along with these we have also a classic iconify option, so i though we probably missing a "quit" one here ! Considering how it currently works also in Window.class gadget when a quit option exist along with iconify, i wonder if a "quit" option could be added also into this MUI popup menu … perhaps just below the "iconify" one

#434 invalid ISO 8859-1 characters not drawn correctly on OS4 Andreas Falkenhahn

When the MUI system font is set to golded.font size 13, the $a6 (¦) character isn't drawn correctly on OS4. It's drawn as "ÿ" on OS4. On OS3 everything is fine.

I'm attaching 4 things:

1) Demo program 2) Screenshot of program on OS4 (bad) 3) Screenshot of program on OS3 (good) 4) Golded.font

#433 invalid Gadget colors changes when selecting their textarea Samir Hawamdeh


In certain options of the "Help" and "Keyboard" section, selecting their textarea with the mouse will wrongly change also the color of their corresponding gadget .. in this case the gadget will automatically change its color to red

The reproduction of this behaviour is almost at random, for example if you select again the same textarea the color will not be changed at all, but if you select it again the effect will happens again

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open MUI Prefs and go to "Help" or "Keyboard" section
  2. Select any of that textareas with the mouse
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