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#11 fixed internal pointer handling might interfere with custom pointers Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin

As we discuss with Thore in mails, there is some situation when internal pointer handling interfere with custom pointers, which can cause a bit of mess , like as for example in odyssey when we set manually autoscroll cursor and move cursor over string objects : mui at this time itself change pointer internally.

That can be easy avoided by disabling the object pointers (MUI prefs → System → Object pointer types) , but can be good to make it works somehow internally, if possible of course.

#316 fixed installing MUI-5.0-2016R2-os4.lha failed Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel


Installing latest MUI-5.0-2016R2-os4.lha failed because a more recent version is found in SYS:

Steps to reproduce

  1. MUI 21.1 installed
  2. Download MUI-5.0-2016R2-os4.lha and start the installer

Actual results

"MUI 5.0 (library versions 21.x) is already installed in the drawer" see attached screenshot

#333 fixed frontmost public screen problems with VPDF Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


frontmost public screen problems with VPDF

Steps to reproduce

I found a new bug related to saving some MUI prefs in vpdf. Here is how to reproduce:

  1. Delete or move to backup location the ENVARC:MUI/vpdf.1.prefs file if it exists.
  2. Open vpdf and select the Settings/MUI menu.
  3. Go to the MUI "Screen" settings and select the "frontmost public screen" option.
  4. Save the MUI prefs and quit vpdf.
  5. Open vpdf by double-clicking the icon and select the "Project/Open FIle…" menu.
  6. Nothing happens. No requester opens. You can't load a PDF file.


Assuming that vpdf uses popasl class for a file requester, it can be mui issue. The popasl autodoc states that popasl puts the screen tag in the taglist before the program adds tags. Since it's a screen option (frontmost) that's being changed in the vpdf MUI prefs, I suspect that MUI isn't giving popasl the correct screen info; causing it to fail. That's just a guess and I haven't had time to locate another MUI program that uses popasl to see if changing the program's screen setting to 'frontmost' causes the same failure.

In meantime i choice Popasl.mui component, but can be wrong and it all can be just because of VPDF code itself.

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