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#18 fixed Enter key to close the About windows Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

The "Enter" key might be used (by default) to close an "About xxx" window, currently developers can decide to implement or not a proper default key to handle that in their program, for example the classic "_OK" can be used as normal shortcut, however not all developers implement it properly (aka they didn't implement it at all) so a default method might be implemented in MUI4 directly…

For this reason the "Enter" key seems the most logical one

#19 fixed Dropdown menu behaviour Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

On the main interface of Odyssey if you type somethings into the quick search area (or even into the search field) at some point a drop menu will be opened with the classic "suggested words" (hints) or urls in history in case instead you select the main search field

All is fine of course, however if you decide to close that drop menu, for example clicking on other area of the program —> and then for example you iconify OWB —> when you reopen OWB that drop menu will be reopened automatically and it cannot be closed at 100% until you quit OWB

This behaviour is a bit annoying because the drop menu will steal the focus so after you have used it once, then if that will be "unintentionally" reopened you cannot click on any other areas..

See post:

Kas1e suggested that the only method to close them for real is to hit "Enter" in that search fields, or press into that search gadget.

He also add: "Its the same with URL search window for example: try to write something in when history will spawns, then dbl-click on main owb window: history window will looks like closed, but its not, its just under main window as you make it inactive."

I wonder if you can add an option in MUI4 to make this behaviour as optional, so we can decide how that drop menu should be closed (only after a user's keypress, in this case the "Enter" key) or even if users will just leave the area selecting (clicking) into another area of the program

#20 invalid Crash in MUIP_CreateDragImage() when drag some data in odyssey Roman Kargin


Sometime when you drag something in the webkit field of odyssey (i.e. in the main window area), it crashes in the MUIP_CreateDragImage(). It can't be reproduced very easy, but one time it happens for me when i just go to and trying to drag some image in. Another time it happens for Samo, when he trying to autoscroll with mouse, and, probably dbl-click somewhere so it start to do that dragging.

His report with crashlog:

My crashlog attached.

As can be seen, crash the same in both cases and DAR about NULL always.

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