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#2 fixed Activating test mode does not immediately affect the current prefs page Thore Böckelmann Thore Böckelmann


Steps to reproduce

  1. Start MUI prefs without a key file.
  2. Go to any restricted page, i.e. Menus
  3. Activate the test mode.

Expected results

After activating the test mode all gadgets should become enabled.

Actual results

The gadgets become enabled after changing pages only.

#384 fixed Active item behaviour when sorting a listview Thore Böckelmann jPV


I came up with the issue when coding a Hollywood program. If I have an active item in a listview, and then sort the listview, activation doesn't follow the item that was originally activated. After a sort, a new item at the original item's position is activated, and this doesn't sound logical to me, because my program doesn't know anymore which item was activated by user before the sorting. This also behaves differently, for example, to MorphOS MUI. On MorphOS the same item is still activated as originally selected, but in a different position on the list (assuming the order changed in the sort).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Activate an item in a listview, let's say the bottom one
  2. Sort the listview so that position of the previously activated item changes, let's say that the item in the step 1 will be at top after sorting

Expected results

The item at top should be active

Actual results

The bottom item is active


I've personally tested this with MUI version that comes with OS4.1FE by default, but it seems to be an issue also with newer versions (my betatester reported the issue under 5.0-2017R4/OS4).

I think it's quite likely MUI's fault, but please correct me if it looks to be Hollywood's fault after all.

There may also be a problem with selecting items on newer MUI versions (works for me under OS4.1FE's MUI, but apparently can't select any items codewise from Hollywood under that 5.0-2017R4), but I don't have any more precise information about it atm, but if it's related or comes up when looking at the code…

Here's more information and a short example:

#199 fixed Add "eliding" cut off mode for text labels Thore Böckelmann Thore Böckelmann


Currently too long text labels can only just simply cut off the text to be displayed to fit into the window. Unfortunately this happens without any visual feedback to the user and the cutting process can only be recognized actively by resizing the window and seeing that additional characters occur.


Other GUI systems (i.e. Qt) offer "eliding" which adds en ellipsis ("…") at the end of the text portion which can be displayed at most. Only after that additional dots the text is really cut off.

Enhancement recommendation

Implement this kind of cut off procedure to give the user a visual feedback about some possibly cut off text. The text should be cut off as far as necessary that at least one original character plus the "…" remains visible. If no original character can be displayed along with the "…" then the cut off process should fall back to the current simple cut off approach.

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