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#42 fixed 8-bit screens / low colour / low free pens situations Thore Böckelmann mm@…


For classic 8c MWB need to provide fall back images and some prefs settings (for colour chooser window)

Trashed icons in prefs lists, even in 256c modes

Inability to set/pick colour, no RGB sliders (eg. like MUI 3.8 or older 3.9)

#436 fixed A question on how the position of Balance is saved walkero


I would like to ask how a user can save the balance in a window between two groups, i.e. in AmIRC between the discussions and the user list there is a balance. If the user changes it, how this can be saved? I tried the window snapshot, but this didn't save it.

Is there something the developer should have in mind when he uses Balances, so to save their changes, or there is an automatic way for this to be done?

#415 fixed AREXX: Add WINDOWTOFRONT option Thore Böckelmann Hubert Maier


AREXX is application specific, i haven't found a way to bring a MUI app window to front.


There is a workaround, but it's ugly and looks wrong, if not buggy.

By sending HIDE and SHOW to, e.g. Odyssey, one after the other, makes the window vanish and appear again (in front of all the other windows). But it looks flickery and everything else than smooth (plus it looks buggy, if the window was already in front).

Enhancement recommendation

Please add a WINDOWTOFRONT AREXX option to MUI's default AREXX command set.

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