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#7 fixed OWB - using zoom gadget while in fullscreen (F11) Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

If you have Odyssey Web Browser opened in fullscreen (after pressing F11) and then you click into the zoom gadget to minimize it, while it will minimize the window correctly it will also give you some strange graphical issues

To test it do the follow:

1 - Open Odyssey Web Browser 2 - Press the F11 key to go in fullscreen 3 - While in fullscreen press the zoom gadget (it's the unique gadget visible aniway)

You will got this, see grab:

#8 invalid Flickering effects on Title.mui (tab hovering) Samir Hawamdeh

Just noted the issue into the NewStuff/Title.mui but same glitch are pretty visible also while playing with many Odyssey tabs

To replicate it just do that:

1 - Open NewStuff/Title.mui demo 2 - Start opening some blank tabs (atleast) until you have the two arrows exposed 3 - Now just move you mouse under them (aka try to highlight the tabs)

While you are hovering them you can see that the entire area will flickered, including the two arrows

#9 invalid Non functional labels in "About MUI" window Samir Hawamdeh

On the about window of MUI the labels: "Classes", "Version", "Date" and "Copyright" are all clickable but they do nothing ..

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