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#380 fixed MUIM_List_Move is broken Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

The following code leads to a program crash on app close if item 0 is active:

DoMethod(list, MUIM_List_Move, 5, MUIV_List_Move_Active);

It also doesn't position items correctly. To reproduce, run the Hollywood applet attached to this ticket, select item 0 and then hit the button. You will see that the item order is not correct. Additionally, the program will crash the system when you try to close the window.

On MUI 3.8 it works fine.

#379 fixed System unstable after experimental feature Samir Hawamdeh

The introduction of the experimental feature for supporting large GUIs ( make my system quite unstable, since its implementation i cannot open more than one MUI application at the same time … for example if i try to open a video with MUI MPlayer (while Odyssey or any other MUI app is opened) the system will turn so slow that i will be forced to close atleast one of that application if i want to use the system normally … sometimes it gonna freeze the whole system aswell …

I think, maybe you should revert back that change or found any other method to implement what you liked to implement :-)

#378 invalid AboutBox changes in r6280 Samir Hawamdeh

Recent relayouting done in r6280 (Aboutbox.c) give graphical glitch when resizing thw window … as soon as you try minimize the window the bottom border will visually disappear .. but it appear again once you release the mouse button …

No problem with the previous version, maybe you can revert back or just found another solution to optimize it ? :-)

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