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#3 fixed Wrong position of text (OWB statusbar) Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

Since latest version of MUI4 (20.368) all the text of the statusbar of Odyssey are placed in a wrong position by default.

Such text will be placed at the center of the statusbar rathen then at the left as it should be

Grab attached

#4 fixed dragging of quick-link buttons in Odyssey leads to color garbage and empty dragged data Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


If we have any quick-link button done from bookmarks , and then want to try to d&d it, then original button color garbaged, as well, as dragged item are empty (while should be the same of content as button itself). Not sure if it can be reproduced with default os4 theme, but can be with ferox (as it have different coloring for buttons).

Steps to reproduce

  1. run odyssey with having one or more quick-links buttons done from bookmarks
  2. try to drag any of them.

Expected results

Color or original button should stays the same, and dragget item should have same content as original item.

I also attach 2 files, to show how it looks like on os4 and mos.

#5 fixed Clicktab formatting Thore Böckelmann chris@…


The tabs highlight on mouse over, which is contrary to every other gadget and also the equivalent Reaction clicktabs which the style should be mimicking.


There is no need for this highlighting and no other gadgets have it. Either apply it consistently to every gadget or (preferably) get rid of it!

Enhancement recommendation

If this feature has to exist please make it an option, and leave it disabled on the default style, which is supposed to look and work broadly like OS4.

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