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#79 fixed Missing translations... Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Favourite colours… red gren etc.

Menu/Delay (seconds abbreviation (s) ) Help/Delay (again, seconds)

#81 fixed Screenmode settings Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Max colours count for 24bit+ screens is 0 !

Size of screen gadget needs some cosmetics, so that the size is visible (only 24 is shown our of 1024 in this example) In other words, the alignment should be right justified.

Hz, kHz… again missing translation

#82 fixed Update MUI4 archive with the latest z.library Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

Latest nightly of MUI4 have an old version of the z.library (53.1) however recently a new 53.5 was publically released via AmiUpdate.

Here the changes;

Version 53.5 ( 2014-06-08 )

  • Based on zlib 1.2.8
  • Bug fixes
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