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#84 fixed ListView (image requester) Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

From the popup menu in the list

  1. Cant rename a file or dir, gives input field, but does nothing after input
  1. Can not create new dir from popup menu
  1. Needs refresh button for current dir since it does not always/auto refresh (eg files copied to the open dir are missing)

PS: 3.9-2014R2 missing in bug tracker

#87 fixed MUI-Gadgets have wrong colours/pens Thore Böckelmann marcus.gerards@…


certain MUI-Gadgets have wrong colours/pens

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open any MUI App (e.g. IBrowse)
  2. Close ALL MUI apps
  3. Open the App again. The pointer/scroll gadgets (or others) now use incorrect pens.


This bug has been in all version of MUI3.9 m68k so far, but I didn't know how to trigger it reliably until now.

#92 fixed Windows Tab does not work on 3.9-2014R2 Thore Böckelmann ancalimon


Windows Tab does not work on 3.9-2014R2

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run MUI
  2. Click on the "Windows" tab on the left

Expected results

You should see Windows options on the right side of MUI options after clicking the Windows tab on the left.

Actual results

You get a screen flash (the one that happens when an error happens) and then the following message inside MUI window where the Windows options appears: "Failed to create preferences class".



It happens for at least two people. I have a Blizard060 withc 256mb of ram using OS 3.9.

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