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#166 fixed Bubble Help clear routine Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

As required, separate Bug. Bubble drawing routine draws unnecessary background fill when clearing the bubble.

This slow motion capture shows it all:

How was the bubble cleared in 3.8 and early 3.9 ? There was no ripping effect (background filling polygon) as seen in slow motion capture. It's hard to see on CRT, and almost impossible to spot on LCD screens due to their slower refresh nature. I had to do a 100Hz capture to get a vivid view of what is happening. (it is as if the option with clear/without clear is applied to the bubble) But it does irritate the eye because it worked nicely before and does not at the moment. And the other persons problems might be solved too, since as I understood the older code works for him, and the new one has glitches.

#319 fixed Bug with current nightly MUI with afaos running Thore Böckelmann anonymous


With current MUI5 I have found 2 bugs. They only appear when afaos is running. First is in scout as in the picture Second in MiamiDX when I click on "socks options" I have reboot.

Steps to reproduce

1.Run scout then click on "libraries" button to show some text corruption. 2.Run MiamiDX then click on "socks" → reboot

Expected results

All works before, no text corruption in scour or rebbot with MiamiDX.

Actual results

Text corruption in scout, reboot with MiamiDx socks


previous version works


#373 fixed Bump copyright year to 2018 Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

In about window, ReadMes and maybe in other places still the old copyright's year text (even referred to 2016) … everything in MUI and docs should be updated to include 2018 :-)

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