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#49 fixed Rawimage - in 256c or less modes Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Does not render anything useful in low colour modes. Can use picture/datatypes dithering for showing something useful in ⇐8 bit modes.

#50 wontfix MUI 3.9 Nightly builds Mikhail Malyshev

Please provide nightly builds with stripped debug data. Currently both archives for AOS3 have full debug included. Debug is nice for finding out the real bugs, but not good for full time testing and a bit too heavy for the classic.

#51 wontfix TextView -> MUIPrefs hits Mikhail Malyshev

Enter MUIprefs/external - TextView

Play with the text editor by entering some text, and selecting it with mouse

now select any other MUIprefs/external *.mcp and we get hits.

if we return to TextView and play some more, we will get endless single hits on every prefs change we do.

Also TextView prefs setting - background button behaves oddly, brings up image requester, not pattern requester how ever dropping a setting from defaults button works ok and set the background to patter or colour, but the setting is not remembered / or not displayed correct on loading MUIPrefs

Works in early MUI 3.9 versions

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