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#410 invalid Can't adjust both color wheel values for backgrounds Roman Kargin

Found that in latest version of our mui i can't anymore adjust values for both color wheels in the backgrounds when i choice not plain colors, but "symmetrical" or "horisontal" or "vertical" (i.e. everywhere where we will have 2 colors wheels). But that if i remember right working on our previous versions (at least in those ones which we test when port first versions of odyssey).

For example go to mui prefs, and there choice windows/ backgrounds / window and there choice background.

Now, choice "symmetrical". You will have ability to set values for 2 colors wheels. Set any values in first one, then try to set other values in the second one : you can, but they change values from 1st colors wheel.

So you can't do necessary values for both color wheels anymore.

I will retest on morphos again of course, but from my notes i see on that computer that working on morphos and working before on our version too.

#409 invalid When window have more than 5 titlebar gadgets, it broke the title bar Roman Kargin

Once you go to mui's settings/windows and tried to set more than 5 titlebar gadgets, it then broke titlebar look. Does not matter what kind of gadgets, and 6 , or 7, its just any 5 ones didn't broke looks of title bar, and once more than 5 added it is.

I attach screenshot where show 3 windoweses : one with 5 gadgets, another one with 6 and another one with 7. And point out by redmark where issue is.

It is like it trying to draw 2 titlebar's at once, but finish first one early than expected.

#408 fixed Garbage in mui settings when press RMB right over bound-lines (see screesnhot) Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin

Found today that when i press RMB in any mui settings window when cursor is exactly on the place where vertical line is drawn (see on screenshot i point out by red mark where cursor stays when i press RMB), then in the title of the dropdown menu, we have some random-sharacters.

All tests done over MUI-5.0-2019R1-os4.lha

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