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#416 fixed Nightly build MUI-5.0-20171030r6452-os4.lha and .debug.lha incomplete Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


Nitghly build 6452 is inclomplete, as "mui5-build.log" shows: …

CC ProcessPixelArray.c CC Application.c

Application.c: In function 'm_Application_ToBack': Application.c:4158:19: error: 'ULONG_MAX' undeclared (first use in this function)


Application.c:4158:19: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in …

Thus doesn't generate necessary MUI libs/files.

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1. 2.

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#415 fixed AREXX: Add WINDOWTOFRONT option Thore Böckelmann Hubert Maier


AREXX is application specific, i haven't found a way to bring a MUI app window to front.


There is a workaround, but it's ugly and looks wrong, if not buggy.

By sending HIDE and SHOW to, e.g. Odyssey, one after the other, makes the window vanish and appear again (in front of all the other windows). But it looks flickery and everything else than smooth (plus it looks buggy, if the window was already in front).

Enhancement recommendation

Please add a WINDOWTOFRONT AREXX option to MUI's default AREXX command set.

#414 fixed Mui ASL request freezes Thore Böckelmann Eero

Any program using ASL request seems to freeze the asl file request if I use the Mui version. Commenting it out from user startup fixed the problem so I can now use the system.

Machine is X1000, OS 4.1 FE with all latest updates. I tried the request on at least following programs, AmiDVD, Digibooster, Emotion, Filecompare and Notepad. I have crash logs on many of those I try add here also soon. the request opens well but if I change the directories a few times it freezes and gives the popup problem report and after choosing kill, it will freeze the whole system. Sometimes it freezes after one volumes button press sometimes it needs moere clicks.

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