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#186 wontfix Alpha channel problems with OS3 Mikhail Malyshev

Ok, it works now in hi colour modes, but there are still a few issues. See picture.

  1. Disabled button has transparent area overexposed over background (grey square) - should be fully transparent as normal buttons
  1. Pop up button menus ignore the transparency completely and render a grey square on borders/corners, should also be transparent (grab window behind it as background and then overlay image with transparency)

Shame we can't have any workaround for 8bit screens and alpha channel and png images (currently we get black background) ideally it could have been made partially transparent (for at least the 100% transparent alpha value)

#326 fixed AmiTradeCenter crashes after MUI5 update to 2016R3 Thore Böckelmann ja@…


AmiTradeCenter started to crash after MUI5 update to 2016R3

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open AmiTradeCenter;
  2. Connect with some FTP server;
  3. Select some files do download;
  4. Change default ATC Amiga side location from RAM: to anything;
  5. Click on "Receive" button or drag&drop them to Amiga window;

Expected results

File(s) is being downloaded.

Actual results

ATC crashes with Suspend/Reboot window (error #80000004).



I've seen this problem once before on an old MUI release (3.9 or 4.x) so it can be related rather to some new(er) MUI classes (List or ListTree) which seem to be not compatible with AmiTradeCenter.

My setup - ClassicWB 3.9, 060, Mediator, Voodoo.

#129 fixed Animals demo crash badly at exit Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

The Animals demo in "Demos" folder crash badly at exit.

It also create an external output when you select the various items, but maybe this is normal

defaults 00428001 defaults 00428002 defaults 0042c003 defaults 00428004 defaults 00428006 defaults 00428005

Tested in latest MUI4 nightly r4356

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