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    3636* all      - all of the above
     38To make use of this special debug version, you also need a way to catch the serial output that this debug version sends its debugging information to. This can either be achieved by using a null-modem connection to a second computer (connected to your Amiga via a serial nullmodem cable) or via the Sashimi application available on AmiNet. Sashimi is an application to catch all output sent to the serial line of your computer and as such allows you to catch the debugging information sent by MUI. In case you are not using Sashimi to capture the debug output, it will be send over the serial line to the remote computer and must be logged there with an appropriate terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal or TeraTerm Pro under Windows or miniterm under Unix).
     40__Using Sashimi:__
     42If you are using Sashimi to log the debugging information locally, please run Sashimi before running any MUI application like this:
     45run <>nil: sashimi on noprompt >debug.log
     48Sashimi offers some more options to influence its behaviour. Please refer to Sashimi's documentation for further information.
     50__Other required third-party debug tools:__
     52Depending on the platform you are running MUI on you should have the following tools installed and running before you start running a debug session of MUI:
     55* Enforcer or CyberGuard - to catch illegal memory accesses.
     56* SegTracker - to enable Enforcer/CyberGuard to show the hunk and source code information of the memory fault.
     59* MemGuard - to enable AmigaOS4 to track for memory leaks and such
     61All these tools are available mostly on AmiNet or from other public places. Please read their documentation carefully. Usually no special options need to be specified to get a usable output in case of a crash. The only important point is to start those tools before running any MUI application.
    4166setenv muidebug screen,task
    4369This will output all messages related to MUI's public screen handling along with the task handling involved.