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Odyssey: Wrong position of the loading slider

Reported by: Samir Hawamdeh Owned by:
Priority: undecided Milestone: future release
Component: undefined Version: 5.0-2020R1
Severity: minor Keywords:
Cc: Roman Kargin OS Platform: AmigaOS4
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Did not understanding yet how exactly i can reproduce the issue, but under certain condition the progressing slider of Odyssey will be placed in a completely wrong position when you load a page

Seems only replicable by trying to load a link in the same page .. perhaps if a window was resized before start loading a page ?

This seems a recent issue, as it was never happens in MUI5 version R4-2019

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comment:1 Changed 4 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Are you sure this isn't a rendering bug of Osyssey? I have no idea why MUI's layout engine should misplace an object in such a way, when this never occurred before and the engine has not been touched since years.

comment:2 Changed 4 months ago by Samir Hawamdeh

Don't really know Thore, but i can tell you for sure that i never had similar problem before, and i'm using this program several hours per day since the first ever beta release of this browser!
Perhaps we can add kas1e to this ticket, so to let him know about ..

comment:3 Changed 4 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Unfortunately the progress bar is non-interactive. With an interactive object like a button it would be easier to know whether it is just a graphical glitch without any interaction or a real but misplaced and clickable button.

The point is that the progress bar is hidden when the page has finished loading. The network LEDs stay visible all the time.

If resizing the window is required to make the progress bar appear at the wrong position it might be due to Odyssey's web page rendering: the bar is simply not overdrawn by the web page view at the previous position and has been hidden in the meantime. So it is no longer visible below the web page and the web page view did not correctly refresh its full area.

Or do I understand something wrong here and the progress bar (at the wrong position) is still updated while the page is still loading? You didn't tell anything about that.

comment:4 Changed 3 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Any news here?

comment:5 Changed 2 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Cc: Roman Kargin added


comment:6 Changed 7 weeks ago by Thore Böckelmann

Another bump!

comment:7 Changed 7 weeks ago by Roman Kargin

Oh sorry missed the one and not at home for next week, will be back at 15 Sep so can check then.

comment:8 Changed 3 weeks ago by Thore Böckelmann

Bump! September 15th has passed two weeks ago already.

comment:9 Changed 3 weeks ago by Samir Hawamdeh

Ops sorry i was completely missed it.
Aniway I was not able to reproduce it with (atleast) the latest 2 o 3 builds i've installed.. but i remember this happened when trying to open a link in browser from the cookie window of Odyssey .. but in general trying to open a link (with right click) from any secondarian window of Odyssey could at the time reproduce a similar issue, atleast in some very specific conditions..

comment:10 Changed 3 weeks ago by Roman Kargin

Sorry for the late reply, but from my side, I can't reproduce it.

comment:11 Changed 7 days ago by Thore Böckelmann

It seems the issue cannot be reproduce anymore. I'll leave it open for another few weeks. If I don't get any further feedback until then I will close it.

So please report any findings here.

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