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#423 closed bug (invalid)

Possible bug in the HWPlayer GUI

Reported by: Samir Hawamdeh Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: 5.0-2019R4
Component: Floattext.mui Version: 5.0-2019R3
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Recently I opened a thread into the Hollywood forum related to a possible bug in the GUI of HollywoodPlayer .. however i'm not sure if it could be a bug or not
Andreas say it's not ..

Here it was my report:

Noted a small bug in latest Hollywood Player 8.0 GUI :-)
If a name of the exe is longer than current window size, then the text (aka the program's name) into the row will not be entirely selected

See grab:

Of course if you increase the the window size, then the name will be entirely selected ..

However Andreas reply me that:

"Setting a hard-coded minimum window size is actually against MUI guidelines so this won't be fixed."

Link of the original thread:

Thore what do you think ?

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comment:1 Changed 10 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Sorry, but what exactly is wrong here. From the screenshot I cannot see what should be wrong. What about a second screenshot with the "better" behaviour?

comment:2 Changed 10 months ago by Samir Hawamdeh

Pratically in the list there is only 1 game's name selected —> "Slot machine with seven european bandits"
However as you can see, when you select it, the text is not entirely selected, but just a part of it

Of course, as the window is too small (and there is no space left for such long name) the text will be splitted in 2 rows (and of course this is normal)

However as you can see:

Slot machine with seven european (that part of the text will be selected)
bandits (but that one not!)

I think the normal behaviour should be to select everything, even in case a too long text will exceed the window space (and so need to go in a second line)

comment:3 Changed 10 months ago by Thore Böckelmann

Component: undefinedFloattext.mui
Milestone: future release5.0-2019R4
Priority: undecidednormal
Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

It seems the list is not a real List object, but a Floattext object. Floattext class is a subclass of List class and optionally allows selection of complete lines or of text sections.

This kind of object of course performs automatic wrapping of long lines. If selection is enabled single lines can be selected, but these lines correspond to the wrapped lines, not the original and possibly longer lines.

To make it short: although a Floattext object is similar to a List object, it is meant to display arbitrary long texts and wrap the lines so that they are never longer than the actual object's width. Such an object is not meant to work like a normal list and to selected individual entries, because the actual "list entries" depend on the width.

If something like a "entry selection" is required a normal List object is the better choice.

Take a look at the old MUI-Demo demo applications. All the information texts at the top of each window are Floattext objects. In this scope a Floattext object is the right choice. But in case of HollywoodPlayer Floattext class is definitely the wrong choice. A plain list would be far better.

comment:4 Changed 10 months ago by Samir Hawamdeh

Ah, yeah that explain everything, then i will report the author :)
Thanks for reply, and happy new 2020 !

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