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CPU load limitation

Reported by: Mikhail Malyshev Owned by:
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Component: Imagespace.mui Version: 4.0-AmiKit8.2
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Cc: OS Platform: AmigaOS3
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This is 3.9 and 4.0 issue

When MUI is very busy, eg. reading images directory (and other tasks)
it uses all system resources, even mouse pointer stops moving.
It's like running an intensive benchmark program.

Can we reduce cpu load, and give back the system some resources
from time to time so that things do not lock up for a few seconds.

Also it would be nice to abort and close the window (using window close button) before all the images are read in mem which can take sometime if you have a lot of them.

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MUI integrates into the system like any other application. Reading images via the datatypes system is as system friendly as it can be. If you think that the imagebrowser takes too long to prepare then the reason is not that MUI is doing something wrong. And letting MUI sleep just to let other applications run inbetween is no option either as that will slow down the loading process even more.

MUI is definitely not responsible for a frozen mouse pointer. If that happens this is most probably due to WinUAE not getting enough CPU time from the Windows system. The mouse pointer movements are done by intuition.library and input.device which do all the work in a process at a priority of +50 and +20 respectively. Any process running at priority 0 (which is the default for all processes) will be preempted accordingly.

You can implement a new task scheduler for Exec to distribute CPU time in a more "fair" way. This would definitely help. But it is beyond the scope of MUI.

Alternatively you can implement optimized datatypes which don't use thatr much CPU time. Again, this is beyond the scope of MUI.

Third, delete the images you are not using at all. This will save most CPU time.

Setting up the imagebrowser on AmigaOS4 takes about 2 seconds on my µA1 clocked at 800MHz. This clearly shows that MUI is not the culprit here, but the datatypes and the amount of images you are using.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by Mikhail Malyshev

I was referring to Prefs/Images panel.
And it happens with 060 on real amiga.
Under UAE it's acceptably fast.

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