Milestone: 5.0-2017R2

Due in 2 months (Jun 30, 2017, 12:00:00 AM)


Total number of tickets: 16 - closed: 16 - assigned: 0 - new: 0 - accepted: 0

Ticket Type Status Resolution Priority Summary
#332 bug closed worksforme undecided MUI5 and Apdf
#336 enhancement closed duplicate undecided btree.library should not be removed
#338 bug closed duplicate normal Opening ASL filerequester opens twice
#342 bug closed duplicate normal Tabs problems with Odyssey
#334 bug closed invalid normal missing rectangular area where mark can be set on default theme
#335 enhancement closed invalid normal btree.library should not be removed
#343 bug closed invalid normal MUIA_Window_InputEvent doesn't work for ENTER
#344 bug closed invalid normal Cursor keys and ESC don't work when editing listview item and listview is in focus
#346 bug closed invalid normal Odyssey: MUI crash with a Google Map
#220 enhancement closed fixed normal Tabs refreshing
#333 bug closed fixed normal frontmost public screen problems with VPDF
#337 bug closed fixed normal ASL requester opened twice
#339 bug closed fixed normal MUI5 68k debug archive is broken
#340 enhancement closed fixed normal Fixing width of list(tree) to fit longest entry
#341 bug closed fixed normal Odyssey freeze, MUI related ?
#349 bug closed fixed normal (n)listtree activates last entry click at bottom (free space)

Milestone: 5.0-2017R3

Due in 5 months (Sep 30, 2017, 12:00:00 AM)

Milestone: 5.0-2017R4

Due in 8 months (Dec 31, 2017, 12:00:00 AM)

Pool of tickets which are going to be implemented in one of the next releases of MUI4.

The tickets in this milestone have the endorsement of the MUI developers:

  • their priority is a rough indicator of the schedule, from highest (soon) to lowest (long term goal)
  • their severity is an indicator of the impact of the ticket on MUI

As soon as a new release milestone is planned (4.0-XXXXRX) tickets will be moved from here to the new target milestone to define which tickets need to be closed until a release can be performed.

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