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#13 fixed Add one more text editing shortcut to the muiprefs/keyboard/text editing Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


While our default mui4's string class is more or less fine for everything, still in BetterString class there was some nice addon which make life easy when it come to marking of text and which will be nice to have in default String class as well : that is marking of text to the left or to the right depending of cursor position. As well as seems there is no marking settings at all.

For example, for ctrl+home and ctrl+end, BetterString provide auto-marking from cursor fucntionality: I.e. depends on where we have cursor stay in the text in the string object, and we press "Ctrl+home" , it then mark all text from cursor position till begining. And if press "Ctrl+End", it do the same from cursor, but till end.

Options can be called as "Mark All to Rigth" and "Mark All to the Left".

Also, can be good to add options like "Make left" and "Mark Rigth", which assign to something like "Amiga + left" and "Amiga + right" as default.

#330 wontfix Add shortcuts in main buttons of MUI prefs Samir Hawamdeh


The main buttons in MUI prefs lacks a proper shortcuts in order to select them via keyboard

I mean that one:

Save Use Test Cancel

In english they might become:

_Save _Use _Test _Cancel

Of course If this combination does not interferise with other shortcuts present :-)

#430 fixed Add the possibility of keyboard driven copy and paste to string gadgets Hubert Maier


In any of the text input fields (string gadgets?) it's possible to move the cursor around the text. i.e. LSHIFT+Cursor right/left - will jump to the end/beginning of the text LCTRL+Cursor right/left - will jump to the beginning of the next/previous word

But it's not possible to mark the text with a keyboard.


I'm missing the combination of the two above. If i press LSHIFT+LCTRL+Cursor right/left nothing happens. It should mark the whole sentence, so one would be able to copy and paste stuff.

Easy test is "MUI Preferences/Text". Type "Example Test Test" in the input field and play around with keyboard commands. One can't mark text with the keyboard.

NB: It does work in "text editor" fields and it also works when doublicking text (or marking text manually) with the mouse.

Enhancement recommendation

Please, if possible, add the combination of the two and open up the possibility to mark text from input string fields. It would make working with keyboards so much easier.

Thanks a lot

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