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#29 fixed Glitch/bug on the Odyssey download window Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

This was originally reported by Raziel

I found a visual glitch/bug in the download window.

Could be OWB itself, could be MUI, i don't really know.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Download something big and let the window come up. 2) Resize the window to make it as small as possible. 3) Now use the bottom scroll panel to reach the missing information, like progress, detail, speed etc. —> The information is missing, nothing is rendered there 4) Now resize the window again —> Everthing is back to normal

I'd like to ask if a redraw of the window can be added when one is scrolling with the bottom scroll panel (probably both scroll panels have the same problem) because i'm not really fond of the fact i need to resize the download window every time a download with a long filename takes place.


Oh yes and one more thing in the Downloads window

If one resizes it to the minimum, one can click only ONCE on the arrows beside the tabs. It will work once but then no more.

i.e. switching from the "In Progress" tab to the "Finished" tab —> it will be stuck at the "Finished" tab until one resizes again to make the window bigger

#30 fixed Text and graphics problem on dropdown menu of OWB Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

Not always, but in certain condition the text of the history and even the graphical arrows inside the dropdown menu of OWB will just disappear, this happen mostly if you open manually the dropdown menu clicking on the "arrow" button of the Odyssey GUI

At first step only the text are not showed, but if you try to scroll the list with the mouse wheel then also the arrows will disappear, see grab attached

#31 fixed Folding/unfolding didn't works anymore in List/Listtree Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


On svnr3485 / 06.05.2014 i notice that folding/unfolding in the List and Listree classes didn't works anymore.

Steps to reproduce

  1. reboot, run mui prefs
  2. Click "more" to see more classes
  3. choice Listtree
  4. Try to press on any "+" or "-" (i.e. to fold and to unfold anything).

Expected results

Should fold/unfold

Actual results

Nothing happens. Like pressing by mouse on it "eats".

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