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#325 duplicate MUI programs cause system lockup with MUI 5 and classes Thore Böckelmann Russell Butler

I have downloaded the latest MUI 5(R3) into a new, separate directory, and use assigns to switch between MUI 5 and 3.8. MUI5 works fine on all the demos included (except embedded images - "z.library missing, could not create RawImage.mui). z.library is definitely in the directory. No system lockup.

However, trying to run YAM & IBrowse, they complain that several classes are missing: TheBar, TheBardirt, TheButton, Betterstring, NList, NListdiew, NFloattext, NListTree, NBalance, NBitmap.

I have all the latest versions of these in my MUI3.8 folder, so I have copied them across to the MUI5 folder and both programs run - for about a minute. Then, I get a complete system lockup.

Amiga A1200T, Blizzard 060, 400mb RAM

#332 worksforme MUI5 and Apdf Russell Butler

Load Apdf, ok. Then load a pdf file. File loads then Apdf freezes. The Amiga still works, other programs load and run but eventually, the system will lock up. Whilst Apdf is frozen, another file can be loaded but then the system reboots.

Apdf uses:

mui/Poppen.mui muimaster.library mui/Pendisplay.mui mui/String.mui mui/Title.mui LIBS:mui/Title.mui mui/Popasl.mui

Apdf works fine when I ahve MUI3.8 running

Using A1200 with Blizzard 060 and 400mb RAM

#414 fixed Mui ASL request freezes Thore Böckelmann Eero

Any program using ASL request seems to freeze the asl file request if I use the Mui version. Commenting it out from user startup fixed the problem so I can now use the system.

Machine is X1000, OS 4.1 FE with all latest updates. I tried the request on at least following programs, AmiDVD, Digibooster, Emotion, Filecompare and Notepad. I have crash logs on many of those I try add here also soon. the request opens well but if I change the directories a few times it freezes and gives the popup problem report and after choosing kill, it will freeze the whole system. Sometimes it freezes after one volumes button press sometimes it needs moere clicks.

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