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#351 fixed Un-iconify a program restores windows in wrong order (depth) Thore Böckelmann Chris Handley

I think this is a long-standing 'bug' in MUI, which I'll explain by way of example:

If I have Odyssey running with a Downloads window open, iconify Odyssey. and then un-iconify it, then the Downloads window 'appears' behind the main Odyssey window, such that the Downloads window is not visible. I think this happens because the Downloads window is (re)opened before the main window.

I presume this could be fixed by ensuring that all of the a MUI program's windows are opened in a specific order, i.e. with the lowest (deepest) windows being (re)opened first. (This would of course require storing the depth order of the windows at the start of iconification.)

#349 fixed (n)listtree activates last entry click at bottom (free space) Thore Böckelmann Javier de las Rivas


Not asure if it's YAM or (n)Listtree problem/feature. But example in YAM left panel (mail folders) if I click at bottom of such panel (empty space) it just selects the last entry/item of such tree.

Steps to reproduce

1.Open YAM. 2.In left panel (mail folders) click at bottom (empty space) where no entry/item exists. 3.It selects last entry of the listtree.

Expected results

Stay on item (mail folder) is selected

Actual results

It changes the focus/selection to last entry of listtree



Not sure, but seems is NListtree "problem", on "normal" Listtree I don't get such behaviour (tested in MUI prefs NListtree/Listtree (.mcp) embedded examples)

#348 invalid MUIA_NoNotify only works if passed before MUIA_Slider_Max Andreas Falkenhahn

AFAIU, it shouldn't matter if MUIA_NoNotify is passed before or after the attribute. Hence, both of these lines should do exactly the same:

SetAttrs(o, MUIA_NoNotify, TRUE, MUIA_Slider_Max, 100, TAG_DONE);
SetAttrs(o, MUIA_Slider_Max, 100, MUIA_NoNotify, TRUE, TAG_DONE);

If my assumption is correct, then we have a bug in MUIA_Slider_Max because when setting MUIA_Slider_Max, MUIA_NoNotify only works when it is specified before MUIA_Slider_Max.

Little demo attached. To reproduce, just hit the button two times. The second button press will trigger a MUIA_Slider_Level event although NoNotify was used.

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