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#131 fixed Images in screen menus Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn


OS4.1 Final Edition supports custom images in screen menus, MUI doesn't.

Enhancement recommendation

MUI should support images in screen menus as well. This would also increase consistency with context menus which already support menu images using \33A[…] tag.

#264 invalid Implement MUIA_Group_Align Andreas Falkenhahn

Fixed size objects are always horizontally centered in a VGroup. This behaviour can only be changed by an ugly workaround: Encapsulate every object in a separate HGroup with a HSpace padding object.

It would be much more convenient if there was an attribute like MUIA_Group_Align that could be used to set the alignment of fixed size objects to MUIV_Group_Align_Left, MUIV_Group_Align_Center (default) or MUIV_Group_Align_Right.

#439 wontfix Implementing non blocking menus Samir Hawamdeh


Actually the opening of any internal menu in MUI will cause the consequent "stop" of any other element running in background (or in the same context)

For example an animated gif in a webpage will be automatically stopped when user will right click into it, or when he will right click into the same area where this active/animated element is present

Another even more important example where this kind of improve can show its necessity could be observed in the Odyssey's video.

When you right click inside the video area in order to open its menu, the video in playing will be "interrupted" and only restarted as soon as the user release the mouse button from it (aka when he definively close the menu)

Improve and solve the current menu's limitation in MUI will be a great step in the right direction and will improve/modernize this important framework even more.

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