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#193 fixed Image not centered in MUIA_ContextMenu. OK in MUIA_Application_Menustrip Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel


Adding AISS picture in a MUIA_ContextMenu element make the picture not height centered with the text at his right (see MUIA_Menuitem_Image_KO.JPG).

Nevertheless, using the exact same picture works fine in MUIA_Application_Menustrip (see attached MUIA_Menuitem_Image_OK.JPG).

Using sysimage is OK in both case, well centered.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add a bitmap.image object to a MUIA_ContextMenu/MUIA_Menuitem_Image
  2. Add a bitmap.image object to a MUIA_Application_Menustrip/MUIA_Menuitem_Image
  3. Compare vertical centering of the 2 pictures

Expected results

MUIA_ContextMenu/MUIA_Menuitem_Image PNG picture centered as MUIA_Application_Menustrip/MUIA_Menuitem_Image

Actual results

MUIA_ContextMenu/MUIA_Menuitem_Image PNG picture shifted (see MUIA_Menuitem_Image_KO.JPG)


Thank you for the latest SDK release with DrawInfo function.


#127 wontfix Image prefs MUI4 Mikhail Malyshev



Enhancement recommendation

When you have a lot of images, the window get really big and getting to some of the images may become tricky.

Solution. Frame the image browser window with scrollers (bottom and right). Without the button images on top! They should stay visible all time.

Also the directory names of the images need to be framed, so that they stay visible too when you scroll images from left to right (eg. 30+ images in a row) (in other words something like Nlist style)

#52 fixed Images Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Selection of images is filtering out some directories.

For example drawer PopXXX is read but no images are displayed in requester. However the images are loaded in the PopXXX.mcp prefs but can not be changed because of above.

Image drawer Aphaso also ignored completely with all images

TearOff images are not loaded (worked in early 3.9) both picture and code versions

XENbar (scroll bar images) too small, squashed to a few pixels were displayed reasonable size before, and their design could be seen.

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