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#151 fixed Hand pointer Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Is this pointer configurable ?

Also if it's not, the colour choice is odd.

Usually you would expect a white pointer with black outline. Not what we currently have (ugly)

#134 fixed Hide Single Tabs option - adding/deleting Pages when Clicktab is not currently visible Thore Böckelmann Richard Lake


I have given you a link below to an executable of my new MUI Builder application as this is a much better way to explain the problem.

Hopefully the EXE will open as is you won't need any dependancies, if something is missing please do let me know.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In MUI Settings turn on Groups/Hide Single tab.
  1. Run the MUIBuilder application, on the second tab, you can Add new windows to the interface, doing so adds a listitem to the above listview the code also adds a Tab to the interface. This new Tab be found under the main tab list titled Layout.
  1. Now return to the Windows tab, now delete all the Windows apart from the one at the top which is not allowed to be removed. As you delete the second tab to leave one remaining the screen corrupts as per the screenshot shown.
  1. At this point, adding pages to the interface also causes the application to exhibit incorrect behaviour.

Expected results

Screen not to corrupt when Closing/deleting pages of a Clicktab gadgets which is currently out of view when the MUI Setting 'Hide single tab' is enabled. Looks like an oversight.

Actual results

GUI corruption. See attached screenshot.



I hope this makes sense.

#41 fixed Hits - mesa.mcc Thore Böckelmann mm@…


On first opening MUI-Prefs/External - mesa.mcc item we get a hit After it works ok, no hits. (using d1plus video driver)

06-Jul-14  21:20:05
WARNING: ENFORCER HIT!                                                        
BYTE-READ from 00000062                  PC: 44A3ECB4
USP:  44FB88D8 SR: 0000 FLSW: 01210200 TCB: 44FA92F8
Data: 0000005F 00000003 44FB88FC 0000000F 44FB89E4 44B11EB0 44B53D80 44FB8A68
Addr: 00000062 00000000 455DE760 455E0B00 450F2148 455E0BF0 449A1A50 44FB88D8
Stck: 449EF092 00000062 0000005F 00000000 449A1A50 449EDD60 44F64CF0 00000000
Stck: 450F6FE8 00000062 44F64D4C 450F754C 44FB89D0 44F64CF0 455E0DF8 455E0978
Stck: 455DAC80 455DF4B0 455CA428 455DE5E0 44F64D4C 44FB89C4 44F64D4C 44FB7465
Stck: 73740000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
----> 44A3ECB4 - "LIBS:muimaster.library" Hunk 0000 Offset 0005C75C
----> $44a3ecb4: MOVE.B    (A0),D1
----> $44a3ecb6: CMP.B     D1,D0
----> $44a3ecb8: BNE.S     $44a3ecbe
----> $44a3ecba: MOVE.L    A0,A1
----> 449EF092 - "LIBS:muimaster.library" Hunk 0000 Offset 0000CB3A
----> $449ef092: MOVE.L    D0,A0
----> $449ef094: ADDQ.L    #$8,A7
----> $449ef096: TST.L     A0
----> $449ef098: BEQ.S     $449ef0b2
----> 449EDD60 - "LIBS:muimaster.library" Hunk 0000 Offset 0000B808
----> $449edd60: BRA.S     $449edd64
----> $449edd62: CLR.L     D0
----> $449edd64: MOVE.L    (A7)+,D2
----> $449edd66: MOVE.L    (A7)+,D3
----> 450F6FE8 - "LIBS:mui/Mesa.mcp" Hunk 0000 Offset 00001190
----> $450f6fe8: LEA       $0004(A7),A7
----> $450f6fec: MOVE.L    D0,$0010(A2)
----> $450f6ff0: CLR.L     -(A7)
----> $450f6ff2: PEA       $450f6140(PC)
----> 450F754C - "LIBS:mui/Mesa.mcp" Hunk 0000 Offset 000016F4
----> $450f754c: MOVE.L    A4,-(A7)
----> $450f754e: MOVE.L    (A1),D0
----> $450f7550: SUBI.L    #$80425242,D0
----> $450f7556: LEA       $450f2148.L,A4
Name: "MUI"
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