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#154 fixed Opened files on startup of MUIPrefs Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Just wondering, what's the point of trying to open images files (with localized names) for the prefs items in the main list ? Ok, I guess we can substitute them for custom images if we like, but why use localized names?

Would not it be better to use english for all languages?

This has two ends of the stick ;-)

  1. Each language can have it's own pictures
  2. We can't have all the images for all the languages.

Possible workaround…

Try localized file name first, then english and if both fail, use internal image. This would cater for all cases.

#346 invalid Odyssey: MUI crash with a Google Map Hubert Maier


Playing around with a small embedded Google Maps i can make MUI crash.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go here: (maybe other maps will "work" too)
  2. Resize, drag, move around, do whatever you like, sooner or later Odyssey will crash in MUI's "Drag" function, pulling down graphics.library with it

Expected results

No crash

Actual results



Not sure, i'd say no, because it didn't crash before, but who knows?


#72 fixed Odyssey: Dragged text not visible in bookmark Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


If you drag an URL from the bookmark window of Odyssey to the main (Odyssey) window the text of the item dragged is not visible.

The URL will be loaded normally when dragged, but a "white stripe" is always showed instead of a proper visible (link) object

This until you finally release this object into the target window, aka until you release the mouse button into the target

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make sure to have atleast a saved link in your OWB's bookmark
  2. Open the bookmark window of OWB and then try to drag your link into the main window of Odyssey

Expected results

During dragging you should be able to read the name of the link, maybe with a sort of trasparence effect

Actual results

Actuallty during operation you are not able to read any text, instead it will be showed a white stripe instead of a trasparent (or atleast a readable) link

A grab is attached altrough it can't show the behaviour because this problem happen in drag state only

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