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#159 invalid Oversized windows for screen resolution Mikhail Malyshev


Currently, when a window does not fit the screen, it tries to reopen with a topaz 8 font (which is usually not smaller then a proportional font like commonly used XHelevetica 11 or similar.)


The current fall-back layout mechanism needs changing to something more useful and less destructive to the GUI.

Enhancement recommendation

When ever MUI requires to open a window that is bigger then the screen resolution, MUI should enforce a virtual group on the windows contents. This will allow to display the window and keep the user defined settings for the GUI even in extreme cases.

eg. test case: Current MUI 4.0 prefs editor → frames/backgrounds settings window has no chance of fitting 640x wide screen.

#38 fixed Opening many tabs caused problem and crash Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


Tabs still broken in Odyssey using the last nightly of MUI4 (20140611r3565)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start Odyssey and then open tons of tabs (opening some blank tabs pressing to the + button of OWB is also ok to reproduce the issue)
  1. Once you have opened a certain number of tabs in OWB (depending of your screen width) the Odyssey's window will be "auto-increased" and after a while the window will be also automatically closed .. then you got a crash !

Expected results

Should work normally without increasing the window dimention and of course without crash :-)

#338 duplicate Opening ASL filerequester opens twice Javier de las Rivas


When YAM/Odyessy opens an ASL filerequester to save a file whne lick on OK it opens again to "resave" file again

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to MUI nightly build and click on 1 entry to download.
  2. It opesn an ASL filerequester to choose where to save, you click OK
  3. Reopens again the ASL filerequester.

Expected results

ASL filerequester opens only once

Actual results

ASL filerequester opens twice



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