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#222 fixed MUI 4.0 does not run on WB 3.1 Thore Böckelmann thomas-rapp@…


MUI 4.0 does not run on WB 3.1. It requires mathieeedoubbas.library version 39, but WB 3.1 only has version 38.

version libs:mathieeedoubbas.library file full

mathieeedoubbas.library 38.2 (24.01.92)

Steps to reproduce

  1. install MUI 4.0
  2. run mui:mui

Expected results

MUI preferences open

Actual results

output in the shell: unknown error (20)

SnoopDOS shows OpenLib mathieeedoubbas.library Ver 39 fail

no other fails (except muimaster.library as a result of the above)


revert to MUI 3.9


I don't know if it is intended that MUI 4.0 does not run on WB 3.1 because of some other requirements. But if math library version in OpenLibrary is the only obstacle, it would be a pity not to fix it.

#223 fixed Scrollbar precision scrolling Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Scrollbar precision scrolling is broken

Steps to reproduce

  1. In MUI prefs open all extra mcp (make small window to have a few pages)
  2. Drag the slider up/down
  3. Now try nudging the bar by clicking below it

Expected results

Should scroll one visible page down

Actual results

Scrolls random amount (or more to mouse position)

However, if we nudge the bar to the top, and then do the same down, the position is jumped exactly as expected, per page.

#224 fixed Behaviour of the detached Tabs Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


In Odyssey Web Browser and possibile in any other similar programs you can remove one of the tab by simply dragging one of the opened tab outside the main window (this will open this tab in a new browser window)

In short this functionality will open a new fresh window with the contents of the tab you have detached, ok

At this point, however, if you try to open a new tab by playing inside this second browser window, any new tab will be opened inside the first window rathen then into the second one !

This particular behavior can provoke a very strange side effects, for example what happen if you just close the first window of OWB but you still want browsing the web using this secondian window ?

It happen that now you will be prevented from opening any other new tabs, this because the system expects to find atleast the main window (the parent one) in which opens all those new tabs

I don't have a solution, maybe an extra check to verify if the first (parent) window is open and in case open all these new tab into it, otherwise choose automatically the second one etc …

Or maybe just change the whole behaviour in order to open any new tab ONLY within the window you are playing on (maybe the logical solution at this point)

Don't know, for sure the current behaviour can result in a bug

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Odyssey Web Browser
  2. Open two different tabs
  3. Drag one of the tabs outside the main window in order to open a fresh window
  4. Now close the first window and try to open new tabs in this secondatian window

Expected results

New tabs should be opened in this secondarian window

Actual results

Tabs can't be opened and nothing happen if you try to open them !

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