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#297 invalid PopScreen & MagicASL Thore Böckelmann arturjarosik@…


MUI 4.x AmiKIT 8 & X MagicASL off/on NetSurf MUI Prefs

Steps to reproduce

  1. Get
  2. Click on Select under Display tab on Prefs (last button on the right)

Expected results

Show available screenmodes

Actual results

Message with yellow border saying: "MagicASL:Could not create MUI application"

Works on:

MUI 3.8 AmiKIT X MagicASL off

MUI 3.8 AmiKIT 7 MagicASL off/on

#371 fixed PopFile and PopDrawer ContextMenu Thore Böckelmann Richard Lake

PopFile and PopDrawer are the names referred as in the MUI Royale document, I am having a guess that it is the Popasl.mui class.



This class has its own internal context menu with options for working with the clipboard; namely Cut, Copy and Paste. Other options such as Select All, Undo and Redo are not present.

Enhancement recommendation

Add available AISS Icons for all options when possible to do so. Add additional relevant options such as Undo, Redo and Select All (also known as Mark All)

#200 invalid Picture file not unlocked at exit when used in a SimpleButton Guillaume Boesel


Adding a picture to a SimpleButton() make it locked even after program exit.

Steps to reproduce

  1. copy tbimages:addressbook tbimages:addressbook.SAVE
  2. add, to your program :

Child, bt_Fenetres_deselect = SimpleButton("\33I[5:TBimages:addressbook.SAVE] "),

  1. start / exit your program
  2. try to delete the picture failed, file is in use.

Expected results

file not unlocked at program exit

Actual results

file locked


I don't know if it's a bug. Is a SimpleButton have to be freed before exit ?

Thank you

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