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#43 invalid Problems with older version of YAM using MUI4 Samir Hawamdeh


Older versions of YAM doesn't work correctly since the introduction of the newest MUI 4.0 in AmigaOS4, the YAM's versions affected are the 2.2, 2.3 and the 2.4/2.4p1 (all of them are 68k) while using YAM 2.5 it start working normally even under MUI 4.0

When you start one of this older version of YAM the GUI columns are mostly wrong and in this situation we can't even resize the window at all, all i can do is just close the program but even in this case sometimes it crash (attach below)

Well well not a big problem you can say, let's use a modern release instead ! However what is strange is that since i've downloaded and tried one of this broken 68k release (it was YAM 2.2 to be precise) then i'm in the situation that i can't even start any of the nighly of YAM 2.10, because since then i have a similar problem with the program interface also in latest releases !

I post this problem here because most probably is a MUI4 bug (not releated to any possible bug of YAM) even because as far as i remember all versions of YAM normally under MUI 3.9 and AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6

Steps to reproduce

  1. Using MUI4 under AmigaOS4, then download and start YAM 2.2 from:

At this point you should see that the interface is mostly broken (see grab attached). If you close it, then a crash may happen too, again a crashlog is attached

  1. Now and only after this test (in any case) just try to start YAM 2.10, in my case the GUI of YAM 2.10 will reproduce exactly the same problem even after a reboot, just like some settings of this ancient version of YAM have "corrupted" some internals

Expected results

All version of YAM should start correctly as it was before using MUI 3.9, and of course at the same time it should not "broke" a modern installation

#211 wontfix Prefs/String Mikhail Malyshev

It would be nice to rearrange MUI/Prefs/String tab

The example string gadgets will look better (bigger example) below the settings (again more style consistent with other prefs)

#423 invalid Possible bug in the HWPlayer GUI Samir Hawamdeh

Recently I opened a thread into the Hollywood forum related to a possible bug in the GUI of HollywoodPlayer .. however i'm not sure if it could be a bug or not Andreas say it's not ..

Here it was my report:

Noted a small bug in latest Hollywood Player 8.0 GUI :-) If a name of the exe is longer than current window size, then the text (aka the program's name) into the row will not be entirely selected

See grab:

Of course if you increase the the window size, then the name will be entirely selected ..

However Andreas reply me that:

"Setting a hard-coded minimum window size is actually against MUI guidelines so this won't be fixed."

Link of the original thread:

Thore what do you think ?

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