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#426 fixed ARexx ACTIVATE and DEACTIVATE commands are broken Thore Böckelmann Mike Steed


The ARexx DEACTIVATE command does the same thing as the ARexx HIDE command; it should disable processing of Commodities streams. Similarly, the ARexx ACTIVATE command does the same thing as the ARexx SHOW command; it should enable processing of Commodities streams.

Though there's no ready example, I am working on a project that uses Commodities hotkeys, and I can confirm that the "active" and "inactive" commands sent by Commodities Exchange work correctly; it's just the ARexx commands that are broken.

Steps to reproduce

Run a MUI program such as MUI-Demo. Fire up your favorite way of sending ARexx commands to a program (I use TstApp.rexx, attached). Send the DEACTIVATE and ACTIVATE commands to the port MUIDEMO.1.

Expected results

Nothing visible, but the program should internally disable and enable Commodity stream processing. Using my hotkey application, I can confirm that this does not happen.

Actual results

The MUI-Demo program iconifies and restores, just as it does for the HIDE and SHOW commands.


Bug is also present in MUI 3.9 and MUI 4.

#337 fixed ASL requester opened twice Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


I was offline for a week or so, so I noted it only now by using the latest MUI5 nightly build (svn r5785)

If i try to upload a file on internet or even if i try to download something with Odyssey the ASL requester will be opened as it should, however if i click on on "save", the the requester will be opened a second time and only after than i can save or upload the file normally !

Steps to reproduce

  1. Just try to download or upload something with Odyssey Web Browser
#378 invalid AboutBox changes in r6280 Samir Hawamdeh

Recent relayouting done in r6280 (Aboutbox.c) give graphical glitch when resizing thw window … as soon as you try minimize the window the bottom border will visually disappear .. but it appear again once you release the mouse button …

No problem with the previous version, maybe you can revert back or just found another solution to optimize it ? :-)

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