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#234 duplicate muilocale.library V20+ not found in MUI4 with AfAOS Fernando Martín Morillo <fernandoace@…>

Ok, it's fixed. It was caused by the icon. My icons was saved as Tool as icon.library changes them sometimes

So, extrangely it was asking for muilocale.library because the icon was a Tool instead of a project. Now it's fixed. Thanks.

#340 fixed Fixing width of list(tree) to fit longest entry Thore Böckelmann Oliver Roberts

This may already be possible to do in MUI automatically somehow…

In the IBrowse preferences window, it fixes the width of listtree on the left to the width of the longest item (which is "Download Manager" under the "Network" node in English locale). The way it accomplishes this is to set MUIA_List_AdjustWidth to TRUE and to pad the width of all entries in the list with trailing spaces so they all have the same length (it does this in MUIM_Setup of the custom class). It uses _listfont() and TextLength to calculate how many spaces to add to each string. This then forces the width to the correct size. Without padding the strings, it the width of the list is set to the long visible entry, which means it is too narrow on initial opening.

Is there some way to accomplish the same end result without all the messing about with padding strings?

#347 fixed Crash bug due to recent Listtree changes Thore Böckelmann Oliver Roberts


There seems to be a bug in the Listtree.mcc changes that you made regarding fixing the width to the longest tree item. It is causing IBrowse's hotlist manager window to crash if groups have been used in the hotlist.

It crashes with 21.14, but not 21.12. As it freezes the system on my A1XE, I can't get at the crashlog - maybe you can? I can send any relevant IBrowse code to you that the crashlog points to, if required. Occurs with IBrowse 2.4 and 2.5.

Steps to reproduce

If your hotlist has groups in it, it will crash when opening. If not, the best way to reproduce is to start with an empty hotlist and then click the "Add group" button which triggers an instant crash/freeze.

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