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#13 fixed Add one more text editing shortcut to the muiprefs/keyboard/text editing Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


While our default mui4's string class is more or less fine for everything, still in BetterString class there was some nice addon which make life easy when it come to marking of text and which will be nice to have in default String class as well : that is marking of text to the left or to the right depending of cursor position. As well as seems there is no marking settings at all.

For example, for ctrl+home and ctrl+end, BetterString provide auto-marking from cursor fucntionality: I.e. depends on where we have cursor stay in the text in the string object, and we press "Ctrl+home" , it then mark all text from cursor position till begining. And if press "Ctrl+End", it do the same from cursor, but till end.

Options can be called as "Mark All to Rigth" and "Mark All to the Left".

Also, can be good to add options like "Make left" and "Mark Rigth", which assign to something like "Amiga + left" and "Amiga + right" as default.

#14 fixed Resizing of list's titles didn't works, and do d&d of list's title instead Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


Found fresh bug: when you try to resize any title of the list class , now, instead of resizing title "drags" like you press inside of it to make d&d. I.e. you move cursor to the resize gadget between list's titles, it show you image that resizing can be done, you press mouse button to do so, and instead of resizing it just grab whole title like you want d&d it.

Steps to reproduce

  1. hard reboot, run mui prefs
  2. go to system tab: there we have for list's titles: Name, Display Mode and if enabled Display Mode ID.
  3. Try to resize size of any of them when mouse cursor show that you can do it.

Expected results

Resizing, but not moving of whole title

#16 fixed Voyager 3.3 tries to open muigfx.library Thore Böckelmann Thore Böckelmann

Voyager 3.3 tries to the open the old muigfx.library as known from MUI 3.8. This library is for MUI internal use only and not meant for direct usage. Since MUI 3.9 all functions have been moved over to muimaster.library and muigfx.library was declared obsolete and is usually deleted from the system. But without that library Voyager will complain that MUI is not installed at all and refuses to run.

A possible solution could be to dynamically create a fake muigfx.library in memory with all necessary functions, but all functions point to muimaster.library.

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