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#417 fixed Font requester often crashes Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

When I select a font in the font requester and increase its size using the "+" button, the system often crashes completely on OS3.

I can always reproduce it by selecting XEN.font size 11. Increasing the font size using the "+" always make it crash once it has reached size 23 or so.

#149 invalid Font settings not working Mikhail Malyshev

(Advanced font requester) Setting of font colour and outline colour does not work, has no effect.

Can also be seen in first MUI/Prefs/Info panel Left MUI About text should be white with black outline. Under OS3 it's black with grey outline

#317 fixed French locale did not work with MUI5 Thore Böckelmann anonymous

I try to install MUI5 with the automatic installer (I must erase before the old MUI) but MUI is not set in french (my workenbench is in french).

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