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#226 wontfix MagicASL stack Mikhail Malyshev


Can crash with MUI4 after stack warning requester

Steps to reproduce

  1. Any file/assign requester called from any program


It sets stack to 8192, and apparently there is no clean way to set it to 32K required by current MUI4.

Using a stackpatch proggy can help, but then all tasks get 32k stack and that is not required by most 68k apps. Also the stack patch does not work for all cases of opening MagicASL !

#236 invalid Clock on AGA Mikhail Malyshev


Some corruption with this object when run under AGA, see video at 17:15

The video is interesting too in terms of how MUI4 runs on legacy hardware, and why it would be cool to introduce a MUI4Light version

#237 wontfix MUI4 Light Mikhail Malyshev


MUI4 is fairly complicated in some places and overloads legacy hardware when there is no reason for it. MUI3.9(2014) is half way nowhere and finished?

Enhancement recommendation

Create a new branch based on the MUI4 tree with following simplifications (roughly what MUI39(2005) had):

  1. Make settings changing optional (realtime or classic test button), still good for all versions
  1. Use boopsi for scrollers (we know the limitations)
  1. Simple requesters for colours (boopsi wheel), fonts, frames, patterns, simplified image requester (not loading all at once)

This would make MUI a much more pleasant experience for everybody (depending on available hardware) and allow modern software developers to use new/current MUI features and unify development.

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