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#118 fixed MWB Colours Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

After MUI39R3 you have done something to the pallet. This is not good since it trashes colour schemes. Please return the default 4 subtle grey/pimk MWB colours. Otherwise many gadgets get a horrible white colour and not a nice light grey they should have, and there is no way to change it.

#119 fixed Pen usage Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

On hi-colour screens MUI seems to be hungry for free pens it can/needs to use. It is understandable for user defined pens (like Busy and Lamp) but it seems that the images in the prefs take up colour as well. They should do direct rendering to hi-colour screens (like backgounds do) and not consume valuable pens. eg. I loose 120 pens on opening the MUI prefs, this is not good.

#120 fixed Image Browser gone nuts Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev


Almost impossible to change images.

Steps to reproduce

  1. open image browser
  2. scroll the list a lot to see new images (right scroller)
  3. move mouse to image area
  4. the list jumps back to the position of original image

So you can select only nearby images.

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