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#283 fixed Scalos Prefs hang on AmiKit with MUI4 Thore Böckelmann Fernando Martín Morillo


Install Scalos as WB replacement in AmiKit. Then open the AmiKit volume seing it by icons, make a right click and select "Tools", "Scalos Prefs". The system will hang.

If you make the same but you click first in Tools, MUI prefs, they will open. Now if you close them and you click on Scalos Prefs they will also open without problems this time.

BTW MorpheuZ has to be fixed in the AmiKit version, because it doesn't work right to change MUI to MUI3.8. In AKReal it works right though.

If you use MUI 3.8 in AKReal the Scalos preferences work without problems.

#14 fixed Resizing of list's titles didn't works, and do d&d of list's title instead Thore Böckelmann Roman Kargin


Found fresh bug: when you try to resize any title of the list class , now, instead of resizing title "drags" like you press inside of it to make d&d. I.e. you move cursor to the resize gadget between list's titles, it show you image that resizing can be done, you press mouse button to do so, and instead of resizing it just grab whole title like you want d&d it.

Steps to reproduce

  1. hard reboot, run mui prefs
  2. go to system tab: there we have for list's titles: Name, Display Mode and if enabled Display Mode ID.
  3. Try to resize size of any of them when mouse cursor show that you can do it.

Expected results

Resizing, but not moving of whole title

#383 wontfix Renaming of clock demo Samir Hawamdeh

Updater program will be confused by the eventual presence of two apps called "Clock" Still there a Clock program in Enancher Package but also a MUI demo with the same name.

I wonder if you can rename the MUI demo as "MUI Clock" or similar so to have a distinction between them

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