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#122 invalid Reboot when using WOSPrefs and Trident ancalimon


MUI 39r4 causes reboot when you move your mouse over WOSPrefs window. It also causes reboot when you open the Action tab using the program Trident (the prefs program of Poseidon)

Steps to reproduce

1.Run and move your mouse over its window or click cancel on its window.

2.Run Trident, click devices, double click on a hid device, double click on the mouse class, click the Action tab.

Expected results

It should not reboot

Actual results

It reboots



I could not reply to the bug report I created earlier.

#49 fixed Rawimage - in 256c or less modes Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Does not render anything useful in low colour modes. Can use picture/datatypes dithering for showing something useful in ⇐8 bit modes.

#285 fixed Proper multiselect support for Listview.mui Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

Multiselect has always kind of sucked in MUI. The fact that MUI allows an active listview entry next to other selected entries is outright confusing and totally non-standard.

Now, after more than 20 years, there should be a new flag for MUIA_Listview_MultiSelect which implements proper, standard multi-selection, e.g. range select with SHIFT, individual entry select AND deselect with CTRL.

To see what a mess MUI's multi selection really is, just do the following:

1) Open MUI prefs 2) Goto to the "Lists" page 3) Select all entries in the listview on the left 4) Now hold down SHIFT and click on "with some" 5) Nothing happens (but keep holding down SHIFT) 6) Now click on "selected" (SHIFT must still be down) 7) Now "with some" is suddenly deselected! WTF!

You can repeat this procedure as you like. The previous entry is always deselected when clicking on a new entry with SHIFT down. It's completely confusing, unintuitive and weird.

It's ok to keep this behaviour for compatibility but there really should be a new mode which makes MUI's listview behave like listviews on other platforms do and which also removes this weird mode where there can be an active entry alongside multiselected entries. This is really utterly confusing for the end-user.

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