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#142 invalid Favicons displaying in Odyssey Samir Hawamdeh

Ok i must admit that i couldn't be sure if the current behaviour was intended or not, nor if it is a real bug to be solved in MUI or just in Odyssey, aniway sometimes the favicons are not correctly showed in both dropdown menu and bookmark window aswell

In general when faviicon cannot be found a default icon will be showed instead, see grab

I also don't know exactly how to reproduce it, in general i note this behaviour when i type an address, in that case the dropdown menu will be opened and i can see it that icons will be displayed or not

By the way this is probably the last minor issue related to MUI4 and Odyssey :-)

#45 fixed File lists with icons Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Should the icons have a transparent background ?

#201 fixed File name limitation in external picture in MUIA_Image_Spec ? Thore Böckelmann Guillaume Boesel


Trying to add pictures in a NList by using "\33I[5:filename]", filename ≥ 69 chars seems to failed. Filenames ⇐ 68 chars are OK

see attached pictures

Steps to reproduce

  1. Load a picture with 69 chars long name, for example : [5:Envarc:zzd10h/FastView_cache/Vincent_Classe_2013_02_1234567890.jpg]

picture will not be displayed

  1. Load a picture with 68 chars long name, for example : [5:Envarc:zzd10h/FastView_cache/Vincent_Classe_2014_01_123456789.jpg]

picture will be displayed

Expected results

Pictures with names ≥ 69 chars should be displayed

Actual results

Pictures with names ≥ 69 chars are not displayed

Of course, I tried the failing picture with a ⇐ 68 file name, it was displayed correctly.


Thank you

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