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#383 wontfix Renaming of clock demo Samir Hawamdeh

Updater program will be confused by the eventual presence of two apps called "Clock" Still there a Clock program in Enancher Package but also a MUI demo with the same name.

I wonder if you can rename the MUI demo as "MUI Clock" or similar so to have a distinction between them

#276 invalid Refresh glitches with simple refresh on OS3 Thore Böckelmann Andreas Falkenhahn

Check out the attached demo source. It is supposed to center a 350x368 red rectangle inside the available custom class space. This works fine on startup but try to open another window and move it over the demo app's window so that the demo app's window needs to be redrawn. Suddenly red rectangles will be drawn all over the place.

It works correctly with MUI 3.8.

#249 invalid Recoverable Alert storm8873@…

MUI 3.9 2015R1 brings up a lot of Recoveravle Alerts when I use iBrowse and iGame. Clicking the left mouse button does clear it but they come back and eventually freeze the machine.

I am using an Amiga 4000 whith a 68060 and OS3.9 with all the updates. I do have a Picasso IV RTG card as well.

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