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#97 fixed Screen Window prefs Thore Böckelmann Mikhail Malyshev

Ok, I remember now, any small even related problems are unique…

One odd thing I have noticed is when you have some screens defined eg. for a not initialized GFX card or screenmode you get a floating help bubble on top of disabled screen dimension size X (Dimension out of range or too big ) in my case it was just 1024

This is a bit odd, since if the mode was not added to the system, it can not say that it is wrong, besides the gadget is disabled anyway

#74 wontfix Screen Prefs: Menu opened in a wrong place Samir Hawamdeh


If you try to open a menu (right click) inside the area of the listed screen then the menu will be opened in a wrong place instead to be normally opened near the mouse pointer

This strange behaviour happen only in this section of the MUI preferences, all the other area are ok

Actually i'm using the nightly SVN-r3700

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the screen prefs of MUI4
  2. Inside the screen area press the right mouse button in order to open a menu

Expected results

It should open the menu inside the area (near the mouse pointer as usual)

Actual results

Actually the menu will be opened outside the area of the listed screen (to the far bottom to be more precise)

#73 fixed Screen Prefs: Buttons behaviour Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


On the screens prefs you should ghost by default all the buttons except the "New" one, this because until you (manually) select your preferred screen all buttons are useless as is (except the "New" button to create a new screen).

Infact if you click on them nothing happen.

Expected results

By default, aka when you open the MUI screen prefs for the first time the unique button active should be the "New" button

Instead the buttons: "Copy", "Modify", "Cancel", "Open", "Close" and "Go" should be ghosted by default and need to be activated only after you are selected a screen item from the list

Actual results

Actually they are all active by defalt, but a click on them is useless until you have manually selected you screen

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