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#322 fixed Drag and Drop bug in Odyssey's Bookmark Manager Thore Böckelmann Hubert Maier


First of all, i'm not sure if this is Odyssey's fault or a bug in MUI.

In Odyssey's "Manage Bookmark" window one can drag and drop bookmarks around and they get automatically saved ot the bookmarks file.

There is an instance where one can erase a bookmark by accident by sending it into the void, which should not happen.

Steps to reproduce

1) Open Odyssey 2) Righ click to bring up the menu and choose the tab "Bookmarks" 3) Once there choose "Manage Bookmarks…" 4) Inside this window, if you have none, create some separators/links by using "Add Separator" (or add some links) 5) Now grab one separator/link and move it all the way up to your first entry right under "Title" 6) Move the saperator/link on the "line" underneath "Title" which separates the window elements

If you now move the separator/link to the right or left you will see the "dotted" line or lasso line come into view, which indicates where your separator/link will be placed.

7) Move the separator/link up so that i will be placed as *very first* entry in this list 8) Drop it and it will vanish

If it doesn't happen right away, try to cover the dotted line/lasso line with your dragged item completely so that it isn't visible and then drop your item.

Expected results

The dragged item should either be placed as entry number one on the very top of the list, like the dotted line/lasso line indicates or be dropped back to it's place where one picked it up.

Actual results

The entry is getting deleted, which is really bad.


I don't think so, i remember having this behaviour on older versions too, but was never able to reproduce it.


No idea what component i should blame it on. Using the MUI settings from the Bookmark window tells me (or does it?) it's not using NListtree for the Bookmarks window, nonetheless it *seems" to be another part of MUI (as i believe the GUI of Odyssey is completely MUI?).

Please feel free to correct me.

AmigaOS4 FE Update 1

#19 fixed Dropdown menu behaviour Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh

On the main interface of Odyssey if you type somethings into the quick search area (or even into the search field) at some point a drop menu will be opened with the classic "suggested words" (hints) or urls in history in case instead you select the main search field

All is fine of course, however if you decide to close that drop menu, for example clicking on other area of the program —> and then for example you iconify OWB —> when you reopen OWB that drop menu will be reopened automatically and it cannot be closed at 100% until you quit OWB

This behaviour is a bit annoying because the drop menu will steal the focus so after you have used it once, then if that will be "unintentionally" reopened you cannot click on any other areas..

See post:

Kas1e suggested that the only method to close them for real is to hit "Enter" in that search fields, or press into that search gadget.

He also add: "Its the same with URL search window for example: try to write something in when history will spawns, then dbl-click on main owb window: history window will looks like closed, but its not, its just under main window as you make it inactive."

I wonder if you can add an option in MUI4 to make this behaviour as optional, so we can decide how that drop menu should be closed (only after a user's keypress, in this case the "Enter" key) or even if users will just leave the area selecting (clicking) into another area of the program

#364 fixed Dropping elements in Odyssey doesn't work anymore Thore Böckelmann Samir Hawamdeh


Since latest MUI5 nightly updates the dropping elements doesn't seems to work anymore …

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Odyssey's bookmark window and try to move up/down an element, but the same problem happen also if you try to open a link dropping a element link into the OWB's main window

Tested on Odyssey Web Browser 1.23 + MUI5 21.100 (svn r6137)

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