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#365 invalid Depth gadget and download window of OWB Samir Hawamdeh


This is an old issue, maybe present since the first releases ..

Sometimes happen that if the download window of Odyssey is for any reason placed under the main window of the browser, then sometimes there are problems in bringing it back to the front (in front of the main window of OWB) by pressing on the depth gadget of its window (download window)

When the gadget is pressed, the window will brought in front correctly however immediately afterwards it will automatically returns under the OWB main window

I need to repeat the operation 2 or 3 time before it decide to work

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open OWB and download something (not a few kb file preferably so you have time)
  2. During download put the main window of OWB in front, so to have the download window behind it
  3. After the download is finished try to put the download window in front the main OWB window by pressing its depth gadget … eventually repeat the operation few time in case it will works normaly at first step .. (sometimes it happen this too)

Expected results

Pressing deep gadget of download window should always work bringing in front of back the window by normally single clicking

#177 invalid Dopus5 + Odyssey = Freeze fearofthedrunk@…


For a while i have been unable to run Odyssey and Dopus5 at the same time, if they run at the same time and odyssey is active the system freeze. I have noticed that it seems to be muimaster.library that causes it.

Steps to reproduce

1.Start Odyssey 2.Start Dopus5 3.Activate Odyssey

Expected results

No system freeze

Actual results

System freeze



#216 fixed Downloads broken again Mikhail Malyshev

can't download anything

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